Sustainability at John Lobb

A global imperative

As a business that has learnt, grown and evolved over five generations, each facing its own distinct challenges, our commitment to sustainability has been an unwavering constant. Perhaps now more than ever this is an ethical imperative, which drives innovation and helps – in part ­– to inspire the passion that people all over the world have for John Lobb. 

Time has taught us that achieving sustainability is both a practice and an aspiration which, like making the finest shoes, requires dedication and a continuous desire to do better. Our commitment to sustainability means that the proud owners of our shoes can tread with added lightness. Below you will find the imperatives we seek to hold ourselves to and some of the actions we take as a result.

Listen and engage more effectively

Sustainability is all encompassing and requires as much awareness of how we work with our local, national and international communities, as of how we interact with our physical environment. Every pair of John Lobb shoes and boots is the product of a network of relationships – whether between customer and craftsperson, craftsperson and their materials, John Lobb and our suppliers, or our suppliers and the environment which provides our raw materials. Maintaining these relationships in a way that supports the livelihoods of artisans, like ourselves, is crucial for minimising any impact on our environment.


  • A commitment to working with and supporting the best artisans who share our values.
  • We have long established relationships with key suppliers and partners with whom we engage constructively to learn, share, apply and improve sustainable best practices.
  • We look to engage with partners who share our values on sustainability and from whom we can also learn.

Make for life

There is perhaps no greater joy than to see one of our creations returned many years after it was made, to be repaired and restored to its former glory, but now bearing the patina of its owner’s journey. Conversely, there may be no greater insult than to see the fruit of our care and passion being needlessly disposed of. We truly value the virtues of caring and repairing, rather than throwing away. This in turn compels us to make our products in such a way that, given the right care, they can last for a lifetime.


  • Seeking out only the finest materials and hand making our products.
  • Reparability and reusability are considered essential to every product we sell.
  • We offer a repair and care service for all shoes or boots, whether made by us or not.

Source ever more responsibly

With the experience of over 170 years, we are acutely aware that every decision made has an impact on our environment. We source all of our key materials with the same care and attention that goes into producing our products. This means seeking materials with exceptional levels of traceability, sourced only in the most responsible and considerate ways, thus ensuring we minimise our footprint wherever possible.


  • The use of low impact recyclable natural materials and traditional techniques.
  • Responsibly sourcing leather through engagement with our leather suppliers regarding traceability, animal welfare practices and compliance with proper tanning processes.
  • As part of our responsible sourcing policy, we do not source new leather from endangered species.
  • Where we use leather sourced from species protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), we comply with the CITES licensing protocols.
  • We engage with our other key suppliers in seeking to ensure we are responsibly sourcing timber from sustainably managed forests, as well as paper, cardboard and packaging which uses recycled and responsibly sourced materials.

Seek inspiration through innovation

Our founder’s restless desire to improve and perfect still exists within the business today. This compels us to explore the possibilities of bespoke to their fullest through new and innovative materials that have the potential to reduce our impact on the environment.


  • Experimental use of alternative leathers and innovative materials that have the potential to reduce the impact of a product without reducing its quality.

Place our future in safe hands

The shoes and boots made by John Lobb are an expression of the passion, experience and dedication of the craftsmen and women who have handed their skills and knowledge from one generation to the next throughout our 170-year history. We are custodians of this craft, and ensuring these skills and attributes are placed in the best hands and protected for generations to come requires an unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion, fairness and opportunity, training and progression.


  • We endeavour to take responsibility for the support and care of our employees.
  • We continue to train and educate craftsmen and women and support them throughout their training.

Be part of our journey

If you would like to learn more about sustainability at John Lobb or believe that you will be able to help us on our journey towards complete sustainability, we would love to hear from you.


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