Shoe Trees

Bespoke Trees

Bespoke trees are essential when commissioning bespoke footwear as they reduce creases, draw out excess moisture, and maintain the quality and shape of your shoes. At John Lobb, our shoe and boot trees are made with the same care and attention as the shoes themselves. Each is handmade to perfectly match your individual last, ensuring that your shoes always fit as perfectly as they did the first time you tried them on.

Shoe Trees

Shoe trees can be made as either hinged or three-piece. Hinged trees can be hollowed out to reduce the combined weight of the shoes and tree – perfect for our customers who travel frequently for work or leisure. All trees can be fitted with brass plates which can be personalised at your request.

Ankle Boot Trees

All ankle boot trees are made as three-piece items with, to your preference, a choice of a ring or handle for the middle piece. Ankle boot trees can be fitted with brass plates which can be personalised at your request.

Long Boot Trees

All long boot trees are typically made in four pieces. A forepart in the front of the foot, a front of leg part, a back of leg part and a key part that is pushed down between the back and the front of leg parts at the end of insertion. The top of the key piece has a ring or handle with which to pull the key out when you wish to wear the boots. Much of the tree may be hollowed out to reduce the weight of the trees if one wishes.

Care & Repair

At John Lobb, we make shoes and boots to last a lifetime. Since our very first pair of boots over 170 years ago, we’ve maintained a commitment to care for and repair all of the shoes and boots we make.

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