Frequently Asked Questions

At John Lobb, we make shoes and boots to last a lifetime. Since our very first pair of boots over 170 years ago, we’ve maintained a commitment to care for and repair all of the shoes and boots we make.


How long does it take to receive a pair of shoes?

To receive your first pair of shoes would generally take approximately 6 to 7 months, possibly longer depending on style and how much work your last maker has on. The last is the wooden mould we make your shoe around. Once we have made your lasts, subsequent pairs would take around 3 to 4 months. 

If you require your shoes by a particular date, we shall do our best to meet your requirement.


Do you make a trial pair if it is my first pair of shoes?

We don’t normally make a trial pair. We make the shoes to completion and then ask you to try them. With your first pair we may need to make some adjustments. If you are having trees made, we would normally keep the shoes after you have tried them to ensure the trees fit precisely into the shoes.


How many fittings will I need?

With the majority of customers, only a single fitting is required. Once the first pair fits well, subsequent pairs would normally not require a fitting.


International Trips

We have representatives travelling at various times throughout the year to a number of countries around the world – see the countries visited section on the website. If you are unable to see a representative and it is difficult for you to come to the shop, we will be happy to send you a self-measurement form. However, we would always recommend that we take your measures if possible.


Do I have to come to the shop for my first fitting?

We would recommend that you have your shoes fitted in the shop. However, if this is not possible, we can send them to you and, should you have any problems with them, you can either come to the shop when it is convenient or see a representative travelling in your area.


Do I require a deposit?

We ask for a 50% deposit on all orders.


Do you supply ready-to-wear shoes?

No. We do not sell ready-to-wear shoes.


Who owns John Lobb?

We are owned by the Lobb family, as we have been since 1849.


How To Look After Your Shoes And Boots

• Boots and shoes should be kept on trees that have been made by us to fit. They keep your shoes in good shape and help to remove creases.
• Always use a shoehorn – it will help to keep your shoes in perfect shape.
• Walk your new shoes in, wearing them for no more than a few hours for the first few days. This allows the leather to soften and better fit your foot shape.
• Rotate your pairs of shoes so that they can dry out and breath. Shoe bags provide a useful cover for storage and for travel; helping to protect the shoe and clothing.


How To Nourish And Polish Shoes

Prior to polishing dust over your shoes with a brush. Choose a jar of shoe cream that is slightly lighter than the colour of your shoes to preserve the original shade or a slightly darker cream if you wish to deepen the original colour. Use a clean cotton cloth wrapped around two fingers held together or use a brush, and apply the cream sparingly with a circular motion. Progressively work the shoe cream into the leather. Once the cream has dried, polish off with a soft brush until the desired lustre has been achieved. To see cloths and brushes available, please click here. Upkeep of your suede shoes is easy: simply brush them with a stiff brush. If they lose their colour, suede ball can be applied to help rejuvenate them.


Getting Shoe Repairs

Handmade shoes should always be repaired by hand on the lasts on which they are made. The correct fitting and shape are thereby retained and the life of the shoes prolonged. Repairs by machine tend to damage the welts. It is recommended, therefore, that your shoes should always be returned to us for repair - either by hand or through the post office.

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