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At John Lobb, we make shoes and boots to last a lifetime. Since our very first pair of boots over 170 years ago, we’ve maintained a commitment to care for and repair all of the shoes and boots we make.

It is our belief that not only is it our duty to carry out any repairs on shoes or boots made by us, but that for a true and faithful repair, a damaged shoe should be returned to the careful hands of its creator.

Bespoke shoes and boots should always be repaired by hand and, where possible, upon the last on which they were made; ensuring the fit and shape are retained. Repairs carried out by machine can be crude and, more importantly, incur damage to the shoe or boot – ultimately compromising its longevity.

As one of the largest bespoke shoemaking craft teams in the world, all of our staff have extensive training and knowledge of both material and footwear construction and can care for shoes produced by not only by John Lobb, but also by other firms. Our experience also means that we can also care for, service and repair leather goods such as wallets, belts, bags and bring them back to their best.

Our shoe care accessories are available on our online shop.

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